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Your Workplace Re-imagined

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The Modern workplace is no longer limited to a confined space, but has evolved to span across buildings, regions and even continents. The need of the hour is to provide a robust, reliable and secure framework for employees to communicate and collaborate with their peers, as well as external contacts.

A key requirement of any collaborative framework is that it should be easy to use, without compromising on Data Security. If the framework becomes needlessly complex on the premise of enforcing security, it becomes cumbersome for an average user to navigate and efficiently utilize the platform.

Keeping the key requirements of a secure collaborative framework in mind, Zoho Workplace is a comprehensive bundle of tools that facilitate a clean and efficient interface for multi-modal communications. Through the series of blog posts that are to follow, we will look at the various elements of Zoho Workplace, and how these help boost productivity.

The Know your Workplace series of blog posts are aimed at providing insights into the products available, and breaking down each product and every feature inside each product into much detail.

The Zoho Workplace Suite

The Dashboard of Zoho Workplace that lets you access all your business communication tools from a single window
Zoho Workplace Dashboard

The Workplace Suite is an all-encompassing product suite, with carefully curated products and features, that cover every possible business communication requirement that one can imagine. Let’s start with a broad overview of each product and in subsequent posts, look at each of them in detail.

Workplace for Email

Email is a key aspect of business communication today for businesses small and large. From freelancers all the way to large corporates, email is an essential means of business communication. Keeping this in mind, Zoho mail has been designed with a clean and functional UI, with extensive feature set hidden under the hood. And it does not stop there – the Zoho Workplace mail goes beyond regular emails and revolutionises how we look at email communication.

Cliq for Collaborative Messaging

Ever felt the need to quickly drop a message to a colleague? Maybe a quick chat on an email sent by the client? Introducing the Zoho Cliq Instant Messaging platform that is a part of the Zoho Workplace Suite. Cliq not only lets employees chat with each other, but form groups within teams for better collaboration. Cliq is much more than just an instant messaging platform - it is a smart communication hub, with its potential limited only by how you choose to use it.

Workdrive for File Management

Sharing files between team-mates and clients or vendors is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Taking a unique approach to file sharing, Zoho Workdrive is built on a distributed storage arrangement. This permits efficient use of storage as opposed to locking in space with users who are not using it, and running out of space for users with higher storage requirements. With advanced file sharing and management features, ability to collect files from internal or external users with enhanced security, Zoho Workdrive is well-placed to be the backbone of the modern workplace.

Office on the go

Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations have become the core of our business communication. Whether it involves crunching numbers, documenting a proposal, or creating a stunning presentation, the Zoho Office suite comprising of Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show gives you the ability to create and edit them on the go. Being an online platform, you have access to a fully featured editor from any computer that can connect to the internet, with apps for mobile devices for a truly on the go workplace. With a tight integration with Zoho Workdrive, all your files are instantly available anytime, anywhere.

Looking for something – Ask Zia

Finding just the right information can be daunting when you have volumes of data to look through. You do not have to go digging through your database to find what you are looking for—just ask Zia. Zia is the AI Assistant from Zoho, that intelligently works behind the scenes to give you the insights you need. From your email, to your documents, Zia is tightly integrated across the Workplace suite. Zia is here to help you with your documents, cleanup data in your spreadsheets, perform complex data analytics within your spreadsheets and a lot more.

Zoho Workplace is not just another communication tool, but the hub of your business communication. Watch this space for more insights into how Zoho Workplace can transform how you visualize business communication. Reach out to us for a personalized demo and to re-imagine your workplace.

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