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Workplace - Your Communication Dashboard

Workplace - Your Communications Dashboard

Today, business communication needs more than just emails. While emails are the staple for written communication, the fast-paced workforce of today demands better ways of communicating between employees. Having to check different applications for each is not just cumbersome, but a surefire way to miss important tasks and deadlines.

The Zoho Workplace suite uniquely addresses this with a custom dashboard. A customizable dashboard gives a quick overview across emails, instant messages, reminders and upcoming events and tasks. The individual apps are easily accessible in a single click for a detailed view.

Your Communications Dashboard

Realizing the need for a birds eye view to information that could be coming in through different channels, Zoho Workplace features a dashboard that is customizable to suit your needs and taste. The Dashboard covers emails, and instant messaging via Cliq to keep you up to date with what is most relevant to you.

In addition, the Streams feature built into all email plans allows users to collaborate on an email thread without sending emails back and forth. The dashboard lets you have a quick check on the Streams as well.

An Overview of Zoho Workplace Dashboard
Zoho Workplace Dashboard

Your Dashboard – Truly Yours

While having a dashboard to have an overview of all your communication channels is great, having a fixed layout is not very intuitive. Keeping this in mind, Zoho Workplace Dashboard lets you choose the modules you need.

With the intuitive customization panel, enable modules that are relevant to you, and disable modules you don’t need to keep the clutter away. The dashboard features drag and drop re-ordering, letting you to prioritize what is most important to you.


Ever wanted to quickly check if you got any unread email? Or quickly create and send a new email? Now do that and more right from your dashboard. The Mail widget allows you to view unread emails, or select a specific folder to see the most recent email in the folder. If you need to view the entire email, or reply to the email, just click on the preview and get instant access to the entire email without having to navigate to the mail app and search for the email again. At any time, accessing the entire email app is just a click away.

Streams – Keep your thoughts flowing

The Streams feature within Zoho Mail can be quite handy for an internal discussion. Considering how useful Stream can be for internal collaboration, the Zoho Workplace Dashboard lets you view the streams that are relevant to you.

Whether the streams are addressed to a group you belong to or you are tagged in an email by a colleague, you can view them all from the dashboard. Same as with emails, viewing the entire thread is just a click away.


Having access to the files you are working on, or shared by a colleague is a challenge when you don’t have access to devices you store them on. Workdrive, the Cloud storage solution from Zoho uniquely solves this by providing a flexible Storage and Collaboration platform.

While we take a look at the Workdrive solution by itself in a later blog, the key to note here is the nifty integration of Workdrive platform in to Zoho Workplace, allowing you to quickly connect to files that are most relevant to you. Be it files that you have marked as favourite, or the most recent files that you accessed, or finding a file a colleague shared with you – finding them right from the dashboard is a breeze.

Cliq to chat

Zoho Workplace suite includes Cliq for instant messaging across employees for quick and instant discussions. The workplace dashboard lets you see messages that are most important to you without even leaving your dashboard. Choose to view messages you are tagged in, or messages you highlight to review or act on later.


Need to quickly jot down notes when you are on a meeting, or maybe a note on something you think of while you are travelling – the Notes included in Zoho Workplace is a nifty feature that is easily accessible from any device including your Mobile phone. Similar to Workdrive, the Workplace dashboard lets you quickly view and get to your notes while letting you clear the clutter by filtering by favourite notes, shared notes, and notes that are part of a group.

Office on the go

The workplace dashboard not only lets you view the files, but quickly create or edit files using the built in document, spreadsheet and presentation editors – Writer, Sheet and Show respectively. While we would see the features of each of these later, the workplace dashboard gives you quick access to the editors and the files.

Not only do you see the files here you can filter by files you had created or files created by others and shared with you. The file history is not device based, so at anytime you have the most recent file you worked on right on top, even if you momentarily accessed it on a new device.

That is not all – the Workplace dashboard lets you manage your tasks and activities as well. Stay tuned for the next blog where we talk about how Workplace helps you manage your tasks and activities and improve your productivity.

Zoho Workplace is not just another communication tool, but the hub of your business communication. Watch this space for more insights into how Zoho Workplace can transform how you visualize business communication. Reach out to us for a personalized demo and to re-imagine your workplace.

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