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About Us

HearITright Technology Services is a team of professionals with expertise in IT infrastructure enabling services, audio- video services and communications services. Our services are end to end from drawing board to being fully operational.

We understand your requirements are as unique as you are – and that calls for an unique approach to creatively meet your requirements while harnessing the power of technology to improve efficiency and productivity. Keeping this in mind, we start with a blank slate to understand your requirement and draw up a solution that is completely customized for your requirement. We provide complete flexibility for you to choose from working with us to identify the solutions suited for your requirement all the way up to letting us design and implement a solution that enhances your business workflow.


As a means to achieve our goal of providing you the optimum solution, we have partnered with major technology giants and are constantly expanding our partnership to implement solutions that incorporate a wide variety of functionality and usability. Our technical expertise and partnership with such solution providers enables us to create cross platform integration facilitating seamless workflows and data management. Through the entire design process, we are focussed on creating a simplified and easy to use platform for the end user, while providing sophisticated control and reporting for administrators who like to delve deep into data analytics. Needless to say, security of your information is given utmost attention so you can rest assured your data is safe while implementing our recommendations.


Designing and implementing a solution is just the beginning. Support services play a crucial role in ensuring efficient utilization of solutions. At HearITright, we take utmost care to ensure you are well supported when you need it the most – starting from choosing products and services that are known to have an excellent track record of being reliable to making ourselves available when you need support in any form. Reach us over phone or email or visit our support portal to raise a support ticket and rest assured your technical issues are taken care of. 

Our Mission is to impact our customers with cutting edge technology and expertise both for current needs, inter-dependencies and anticipated future needs by providing the best in IT, entertainment and communications solutions.

Our services span across Hardware, Software, Networking, Storage Solutions, Web services, Communication & Collaboration services and Media Solutions. Check out our complete portfolio of services for more details

Looking for solutions to your business problems? Reach out to us. We are more than willing to work out a solution specific for your needs. Our Vision is to see offices and homes  automated with audio video applications in all aspects of everyday living that will bring the human and computing interactions to meaningful, practical and highly profitable experience.


Contact us and leave us  a message we will get in touch with you 

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